Baccto Potting Soil


 Perfect as a general purpose potting soil for indoor and outdoor planting in containers and beds. Ready to use out of the bag. Recommended for houseplants, rooting cuttings, germinating seeds, bulbs, window boxes, and potted plants. Contains a dark blend of weed sedge peat and other materials, including starter and slow-release fertilizers to help plants thrive. Price: 7.99 for 50 lb. bag

Preen Mulch Plus W/Herbicide


Blocks weeds for 6 months. Mulch color lasts all year. Covers 12 square or 2 cubic feet. Comes in Russet Red or Midnight Black. Price: 5.39/Bag Ask for bulk pricing!

Fertilizer-10-10-10 & 13-13-13


For use on your flower and vegetable gardens, shrubs and trees as a all-purpose fertilizer. comes in 40 lb. bags. 

Price: 13-13-13 $22.99 10-10-10 $19.99