Feed Bunks

B&W 10' 14 gauge Bunk


10' All Steel Bunk 14 Ga. 

10' Galvanized Bunk


Galvanized 10' Bunk

7 & 10 gauge Bunks (Steel)


We stock 7 & 10 gauge all steel bunks, including flat bottoms as well. these bunks are also stocked in different lengths including 10', 16' 20', and 30' we are able to do some custom work to an extent please call for more information!

Fenceline Bunks with head Rack


We stock some 7 & 10 gauge steel Fence line bunks with a head rack, they come in different lengths as well as width and depth. please call for more information!

Other Bunks


At McCorkle's we stock a variety of Feed Bunks. We have plastic lined and all metal products. there several lengths as well. if you do not see what you were looking for please don't hesitate to stop by or call in for more information!