Cattle Bale Rings

Red Extra-Heavy


This Cattle Bale Ring is our most popular! it is a 2pc ring, made of 10 ga. steel. there is an option of installing a hay saving cone which mounts to the top with a few U-Bolts. Call for Pricing and availability!

Tarter 3pc Bale Ring


  1. 51" high (6" taller than standard)
  2. 2″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing
  3. S-Bar design helps prevent calves from getting inside
  4. 8′ diameter to accommodate large bales

Corbin Steel 4pc Hay-Mizer


  1. 1 5/8" x 11ga horizontal rails to extend the life of parts sitting on the ground
  2. 1 1/2" x 14ga vertical rails
  3. Can load hay into the hay saving feeder with a bale bed or tractor and loader

B&W 3PC Bale Ring


  1. 3pc
  2. Red Color
  3. 1-3/4 Tubing 
  4. Lighter Duty

Priefert Economy Ring


  1. 96" Width
  2. 45" Height
  3. 3pc w. 16ga. Steel
  4. Powder Coat Finish
  5. Light Duty