Calf Building's


Calf Shed

In Iowa winter's are tough so protect your investment with a Calf Shed, made of high quality steel. Keeping your livestock out of the wind is half the battle! these are stocked in two sizes including 8'x12-1/2' and 8'x15'. Please call for pricing and ordering information!

Porta-Hut Farrowing shack

Calf sheds can be a little pricy. That's why we also offer a cheaper option of the porta-hut. please call for more information!

Polydome Calf Warmer

Protect your investment with this calf warmer! Comes with a 110V heater, just simply put your newborn calf into the structure and let the heater do the rest! 24" Wide x 50" Long x 45" Tall. for more information and pricing call or stop by!