Barbed Wire


Red Brand 2PT:

  1. 80 Rod
  2. 1,320' rolls
  3. 12-1/2 gauge

Red Brand 4PT:

  1. 80 Rod
  2. 1320' rolls
  3. 12-1/2 gauge

Oklahoma Brand:

We offer a 2 and 4pt in the Oklahoma Brand barbed wire. Call for pricing and more information.

Gaucho 4PT:

Gaucho wire has been a great addition to our stock, it is a high tensile wire 80-rod. call for pricing and information on this product.

Cattleman's Wire:

Cattleman's Wire is offered in a 4pt barb. it is 14 gauge and not much price difference than the RedBrand. 

Oklahoma Brand Barbless:

We carry a Oklahoma Brand Barbless wire as well call for more information and pricing on this specific product.